A New World

Tasman's 1642-1643 expedition would fill in many blanks on the world map. Tasmania, New Zealand and the Tonga archipel were now officially on the map - albeit on the names given by Tasman: Van Diemen's Land, Staaten Land and Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Middelburg. But the main result of his journey was that the Europeans now knew there was ocean where they had thought to discover a mythical continent. The drawings and reports in the journal tell us a lot about the places Tasman visited as well as how the 17th century Dutch sailors looked at the world around them. Skilled artists sketched coastlines and the people they met. Their findings were immediately integrated in the new VOC-maps. Now, 375 years later, how do we map our world? In our Tasman Updated project we strive to collect photo's, videos, drawings and paintings that depict the same coasts.

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