11 October 2017

It started in Tasmania

Australian Wooden Boat Festival

In February 2017 the Australian Wooden Boat Festival had a distinct Dutch theme, commemorating the 375th anniversary of Tasman's visit to the island state. This meant not only a large delegation of Dutch traditional wooden boats, but also an exhibition at the TMAG museum and a web project. Tasmanian cartographer Henk Brolsma took the lead in an ambitious project, 'Map it Like Tasman', where the old coastal profiles were compared with recent photo's.

Henk Brolsma stays involved for the continuation of this project within Tasman 375 and provides us with the necessary cartographic background to prolong the Map it Like Tasman project: Tasman Updated. We are also grateful for the help of Dave Horry, who is providing us from New Zealand with a wealth of cartographic knowledge and who was responsible for the interactive map on this website. Robert Jenkin in New Zealand is another invaluable supporter of the Tasman Updated project.